Collectivists exploit mass shooting to demonize their political adversaries

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
December 17, 2012

The finger of blame for Friday’s Sandy Hook school massacre has been firmly pointed at gun owners since the very first moments after the tragedy became public, but an additional scapegoat has now been identified – preppers.

“The mother of Adam Lanza, the gunman who killed 20 children and six adults in one of America’s worst ever school massacres, was a “survivalist” preparing for economic and social collapse, it has emerged,” reports the London Independent.

Lanza used three of his mother’s guns to carry out the shooting. Marsha Lanza underwent rigorous background checks and waiting periods before she was allowed to purchase the firearms.

It is now being implied that because Marsha Lanza was “self-reliant,” had readied herself for an “economic collapse,” and was proficient with firearms, that this rubbed off on her son and was a driving force behind the massacre.

The obvious inference being made is that anyone who buys storable food, owns firearms and is knowledgeable about societal and economic threats is potentially a mass murderer who needs to be watched very carefully, which is a meme that has already been making the rounds in recent months.

Because Marsha Lanza owned ten guns this means she somehow “stockpiled weapons” as part of her “paranoid” fantasies about doomsday.

It’s particularly cynical that Marsha Lanza’s lifestyle is being subtly blamed for the murder of 20 children given that she was the very first victim of Adam Lanza’s rampage.

Yahoo 7 News reports that, “Investigators are turning towards Nancy Lanza’s supposed identification as a survivalist,” as one of the contributing factors towards the shooting.

The stabbing of 23 children over in China last week is also being fed into the talking point, with reports that the killer Min Yongjun was “psychologically affected” by doomsday predictions.

How long is it before the establishment begins to parrot the line that preppers are suffering from a “psychological disorder” and need to be prevented by law from owning guns?

Preppers are a prime target for the establishment because they represent the polar opposite of collectivists. With increasing numbers of Americans becoming self-sufficient, a system that draws its power from overly dependent people is naturally inclined to demonize preppers.

So-called “doomsday preppers” have come under increasing scrutiny in recent months.

In early November, 46-year-old Terry Porter became a target for undercover police in Maryland as a result of a neighbor telling cops that he had guns, had made anti-Obama statements, and was a “prepper”. After cops uncovered a 20-year-old drug conviction, Porter was raided by 150 heavily armed police and arrested.

We have previously documented the fact that so-called “preppers,” who given the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy should be being lauded by the authorities as a good example to other Americans, are now being treated as terrorists.

Flyers aimed at Military Surplus stores produced under the auspices of the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism project earlier this year characterized bulk buying of food – a staple of prepper behavior – as a potential terrorist activity.

Earlier this year we also reported on the case of David Sarti, who was featured in National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show. Sarti visited his doctor complaining of chest pains, only to have the doctor later commit him to a psychiatric ward and alert authorities, before Sarti was declared “mentally defective” and put on an FBI list that stripped him of his second amendment rights.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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