A UK woman who identifies as a male and works as a journalist for The Guardian is upset that she is listed as the mother of the child she recently birthed instead of as the father.

Freddy McConnell was legally recognized as a male when she transitioned into becoming a male in 2017 and gave birth in 2018.

CNN reports, “The 32-year-old took legal action after a registrar told him that UK law required people who give birth to be registered as mothers on birth certificates.”

“This establishes the first legal definition of the term “mother” in English common law.”

“In ruling with the government, Andrew McFarlane, the president of the High Court’s family division, deemed that being a “mother” referred to being pregnant and giving birth, regardless of whether that person, in law, was a man or a woman.”

Freddy’s trans pregnancy journey was filmed and turned into a documentary called “Seahorse,” because male Seahorses give birth to the babies instead of the females.

Time will tell if Freddy wins the appeal or not, but the judge did say the case “is an important matter of public interest and a proper cause for public debate.”

Given the clown world we are now living in and the sympathetic quote made about the case, it wouldn’t be surprising if the judge approved the appeal.

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