Thanksgiving is now under attack by retailers who want shoppers and workers to spend the holiday buying and selling electronic slave goods instead of spending time with their families.

Toys R Us will open its doors at 5pm Thanksgiving Day while Target, Macy’s, Sears and other major retailers will open only an hour later.

That means numerous shoppers will be spending Thanksgiving not at a dinner table but rather at make-shift campsites outside big box stores waiting for them to open.

Half of all consumers plan to shop on Thanksgiving, with only 28% believing the holiday should be spent with their families, according to Austin-based research firm Accenture.

“Fewer shoppers than in previous years (28%, down from 32% in 2014 and 41% in 2013) believe that Thanksgiving should be spent with family versus holiday shopping,” the firm reported.

But while shoppers spend Thanksgiving fighting each other over the latest smartphone made in a Chinese suicide factory, the fact is the items on “sale” were given huge mark-ups in the weeks before Black Friday to make the “sales” look spectacular in comparison.

In other words, Black Friday is a hoax.

Even if shoppers were to score a killer deal on a single product, they usually buy it alongside something else with a 98% markup, ensuring that the retailers, not the shoppers, win at the end.

“Forget the door-busters, coupons, and ‘friends and family’ deals: U.S. shoppers on the whole will be paying more over the next few weeks than they do the rest of the year,” Bloomberg Business said about Black Friday sales. “Turns out, retail profit margins tend to be higher during the holiday period, despite all the promotions.”

Meanwhile in China, workers slave away at factories owned by Foxconn and others to keep up with America’s demand for consumer goods, often performing the same monotonous task over and over again for 15 hours straight while earning less than $2.00 an hour.

These conditions caused many of the workers to jump to their deaths from the rooftops of the factories, prompting management to install “suicide nets” around the facilities.

“These workers want enough cash to pay for food and rent and send a bit home for relatives who have even less money,” CNet reported. “It’s fair to say that for most of them, the only time they’ll hold a iPhone 5 is when they’re putting one together.”

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