Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released her DNA test results Monday in an effort to dispel questions over her ancestry, but was roundly mocked by conservatives after the results suggested she was between 1/32nd and 1/1024th Native American.

The test, conducted by Stanford University professor Carlos Bustamante, includes the possibility that Warren has at least .001% Native American ancestry, nearly half of what the average white person has, according to the New York Times.

“The researchers found that European-Americans had genomes that were on average 98.6 percent European, .19 percent African, and .18 Native American,” The Times reported in 2014.

Conservatives mocked Warren soon after, noting her miniscule Native American heritage shows the desperate game of identity politics the left likes to play to gain support.

Hollywood actor James Woods noted an important paragraph in the Boston Globe’s story, which said that the professor who conducted the test used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to “stand in” for Native American.

“The analysis depends, therefore, on faith in Bustamante’s methods of extrapolation, and on the other methods he used to determine that Warren’s supposedly Native American DNA segments were not mere statistical noise,” Breitbart reported.

Warren demanded President Trump give $1 million to charity for providing evidence of her .001% Native American heritage, which Trump rejected.

“Who cares?” he told reporters.

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway called the results “junk science.”

“I haven’t looked at the test,” Conway told CNN. “I know that everybody likes to pick their junk science or sound science depending on the conclusion, it seems some days. But I haven’t looked at the DNA test and it really doesn’t interest me.”

After the Boston Globe issued a correction stating Warren’s ancestry percentage should be 1/1024 instead of 1/512, the validity of ancestry tests have come into question.

“On one hand, these tests are definitely a con,” Cracked reported in an interview with a DNA whistleblower in 2017. “But on the other hand, the customers are as guilty as the companies. People want to know where they come from so they can brag about being 1/64th Cherokee in internet arguments. No one actually wants to spend hours studying genealogy and pay hundreds of dollars for a dozen different, possibly more accurate tests.”

“If you get a high percentage, it’s a safe bet that you have ancestors from there,” the genetic expert named Morgan said. “I’m talking about a 50-60 percent on your test. Anything lower, and take it with a grain of salt.”

Will the left ignore the fact Warren has more European ancestry than the average European and that the Native American markers were in fact from Latin America?

Take a guess.

Real Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Results, No Native American

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