With authorities still asserting they have found no motive for the mass shooting in Dayton Ohio, some are wondering whether the massacre was a ‘revenge’ attack for the earlier mass shooting in El Paso.

There is still no clear motive as to why 24-year-old Connor Betts opened fire outside a nightclub, killing his own sister in the process.

Although six of the nine fatalities were black, police say they don’t think race was a motive.

Mike Cernovich floated the suggestion that the Dayton shooting could have been a response to the earlier El Paso massacre.

“Was the Dayton Ohio terrorist attack (far left wing attacker) a “copycat” of El Paso?” asked Cernovich. “We know shooter was glued to social media, reading about El Paso, engaging with far left wing content. Did reading the reports and radicalized, violent rhetoric from the left make him “snap”?”

In a follow-up article, Cernovich asked whether Betts’ interactions with Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt was pertinent.

“One of the last Tweets Connor Betts engaged with was one from far left wing activist Jared Holt spreading disinformation about me. To know that a terrorist was reading about me hours before he went on his attack is chilling, and shows why the far left targets me. They are sending signals to their terrorist fan base,” he wrote.

Betts was active on Twitter hours before his own massacre tweeting and responding to news about the El Paso shooting.

As we previously highlighted, he was a far-left Antifa supporter who had endorsed domestic terrorism and said he would be voting for Elizabeth Sanders.


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