Thousands of ISIS supporters took to Twitter in the days after Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh was captured to suggest sick methods of execution – including the two techniques that ultimately resulted in his death, it emerged today.

Kasasbeh was seen being burnt alive before being run over by a bulldozer in a 22-minute-long video released by the terror group yesterday, in which the level of barbarism and brutality sunk to new lows, even by ISIS’ depraved standards. 

The method of murder raises the chilling prospect that ISIS may have been influenced by the Twitter campaign, which used the Arabic hashtag #SuggestAWayToKillTheJordanianPilotPig to elicit ideas from the terror group’s supporters. 

Horror: A Twitter user calling himself Black Flag suggested using wild animals to execute Kasasbeh before suggesting death by chainsaw or melting with acid as possible alternatives.

No escape: The idea to place the pilot in a cage may have come from a Twitter user calling himself Sham Islamic Echo, who tweeted: '[I] suggest bringing a hungry crocodile and put it in a cage with the pilot'

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