A leaked movie script attributed to the cancelled movie The Hunt portrays flyover Americans as the heroes who take revenge against the elites who hunted them for sport.

The script, originally titled Red State vs. Blue State, also depicted a leftist who dies after being more dedicated to political correctness than her own survival.

“In one particularly entertaining moment, a liberal hunter is asked by a deplorable if she should be spared because of the fact that she’s a woman,” reports the District Herald. “The social justice warrior considers the implications of her answer before saying ‘no’ and having her head blown off.”

“She dies because she is more concerned with being politically correct and a proper feminist than surviving. It’s violent, yet poetic. Truly dark comedy about modern day activism.”

The gore and violence in the leaked script is so exaggerated that it comes off as a parody on violence, similar to the film Grindhouse.

“While some shocking violence ensues, it’s not glorifying political violence, it’s very clearly mocking it,” the District Herald continued.

The script follows a formulaic “the hunters become the hunted” plot line that’s been produced many times before in books and movies, including the 2010 film Predators and the popular 1932 film adaption of the short story The Most Dangerous Game.

In nearly each iteration of this plot line, the protagonists are initially the prey until they join together to turn the table against the hunters.

Of course, it’s unknown how far the finished film deviated from this script – and the movie’s release date was criticized as a poor choice given recent events – but the leaked script poses an interesting question: was the movie cancelled not because of media outrage, but because it portrayed rural Americans routinely demonized by media and entertainment as the heroes?

It’s plausible given that the script’s “bad guys” mimic the talking points and virtue signaling of many Hollywood celebrities, and the outrage over the trailer provided a convenient excuse to cancel the film’s release.

The script is so ridiculous that it’s practically making a case against the over-the-top emotions contributing to modern day activism.

“Tweeting portions of this script would absolutely get you banned on social media,” the District Herald also pointed out.

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