On December 22 2014, The Washington Post (WaPo) claimed private gun ownership makes police less safe.

With this assertion, the WaPo joined other reactionaries–like the NAACP and Everytown for Gun Control –who have politicized the heinous attack on two NYPD officers for their own gun control purposes.

According to the WaPo, “Today we should be talking about … guns not simply because one was used Saturday in the shooting deaths of two police officers, but because guns underlie the very tension between police and communities in America that voices saner than Brinsley [the gunman] have been trying to resolve.”

The WaPo expounded:

Guns change the equation in so many ways. They make it harder for police to retreat, and more likely that a stand-off that might have been resolved peacefully will escalate. They make it harder for police to give suspects the benefit of the doubt, and more likely that a suspected criminal may not deserve it. They make it easier for a mentally ill man to forever alter two families’ lives in the name of “revenge.”

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