Is there literally anything left that they won’t try to ruin by injecting ‘woke’ identity politics into it?

The 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to set foot on the Moon is this weekend.

Instead of using the celebration of the Apollo Moon landing to bring Americans together in a time of intense partisan bickering, the New York Times and the Washington Post are exploiting it to divide Americans even further.

“The Apollo program was designed by men, for men. If we do not acknowledge the gender bias of the early space program, it becomes difficult to move past it,” tweeted the Times, with a link to a story about women having to “escape Earth’s gender bias”.

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post took the opportunity to take another swipe at that new embodiment of evil incarnate; white men.

“The culture that put men on the moon was intense, fun, family-unfriendly, and mostly white and male,” they tweeted.

Because there’s nothing like throwing the very people who got America to the Moon under a bus on the 50th anniversary of their stunning achievement.

Respondents to the tweets were decidedly unimpressed.

“D-Day, June, 1944. A culture mostly white and male,” joked one.

“WaPo has just encouraged hating the people that put people on the Moon? A sickly rag at best,” added another.

“You have a great knack for ruining everything,” remarked another.

“I’d be curious to know how many women and people of color sat in the New York Times offices in the 60s,” joked another.

Both tweets were ratioed into oblivion. Americans are sick of everything being filtered through the lens of identity politics.


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