Washington State Representative Matthew Shea officially announced Friday his intentions to run for U.S. Congress.

“After much prayer and counsel, and literally thousands of requests to run for the 5th Congressional District, we are proud to announce that it is indeed my intent to run, if Cathy steps down,” Shea said on Facebook. “8 Years ago together with your support we brought the Freedom Agenda of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom to Washington State. Together let’s take the Freedom Agenda to Washington D.C.!”

Shea recently made headlines after proposing the creation of a new state named “Liberty” in Eastern Washington.

A staunch proponent of limited government and the U.S. Constitution, Shea and his “Freedom Agenda” platform has introduced bold legislation over the years.

The statesman has challenged everything from the NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions to NSA domestic surveillance.

“If you are interested in joining our no-compromise, principled, constitutional conservative movement please email me at [email protected],” Shea said in closing.

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