According to figures from the Washington state Department of Licensing, the number of women seeking out concealed pistol licenses has skyrocketed in recent years.

Between January 2013 and the end of April, the number of female permit holders in the Evergreen State climbed from 80,016 to 129,428, as reported by the Kitsap Sun. Importantly, while licenses are also up among men, who still hold the majority of the state’s over half million licenses, the growth rate among women is increasing at a higher rate.

“I did think about it really hard and kind of went back and forth a couple of times, but I knew in the end it was probably a good idea,” Hannah, 22, a survivor of sexual assault who preferred not to disclose her last name, told the Sun. “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Washington has a liberal “shall-issue” policy when it comes to CPLs, which are obtained within 30 days from an individual’s local police department or sheriff after a background check. A five-year permit costs about $55 and is recognized in at least 10 other states.

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