Ever since pollsters began asking Americans about their faith, Washington has ranked among the less-religious states in the country. But Washington has never been as secular as it is right now.

A record number of state residents didn’t identify with any religion in 2017, according to polling giant Gallup. Forty-seven percent of adults in the state say they are not religious, and seldom or never attend services.

When Gallup began polling about religious belief at the state level in 2008, 43 percent of Washingtonians identified as nonreligious. That number didn’t change much year-to-year, except for a hard-to-explain dip to 41 percent in 2013 (the nation as a whole also saw the percentage of nonreligious drop that year).

After that, the number started to rise. That’s true for many other states as well. In fact, the U.S. as a whole is also at a record high, with 33 percent saying they are not religious.

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