Philip Bump and the Washington Post have apparently had a couple of pretty bad days.

The Post had to endure having to cover, and cover for, an absolutely awful jobs report released Friday morning. That news made their beloved Dear Leader, who had just celebrated the allegedly wonderful economic accomplishments seen during his presidency on Wednesday, look quite foolish. Never fear: By Paragraph 4 of its related storythe Post found an “expert” who claimed that “This just does not square with all the other things we’re seeing in the economy.”Actually, the job market has been virtually the only exception to otherwise uniformly weak data since the fourth quarter of last year.

Perhaps partially influenced by the bad jobs news, Bump, who toils at the Post’s “The Fix” blog, came completely unhinged in reacting to a Thursday evening retweet by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Trump retweet contained nine miniature charts, and sent Bump into an angry (cough, cough) “fact-checking” frenzy.

Bump opened his post as follows:

We have generally learned that there’s not much utility in fact-checking every tweet that springs to life from the imagination of Donald Trump or which receives his blessing via retweet. Tweets containing factual errors are not as plentiful as those containing exclamation points or disparagement, but they aren’t exactly rare.

But on Thursday evening, Trump retweeted this one, and we — well, I — couldn’t let it stand.

Here is that Trump retweet:


Readers can rest assured that despite Bump’s pitiful efforts, the chart-containing tweet which Trump retweeted still stands tall. Trump struck out the Obama-supporting side on nine pitches, er, charts. Bump doesn’t even have a clue that this is objectively the case.

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