Talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson tweeted an excerpt of his conversation with Dr. Willie Parker, “the unrepentant black abortionist who vows to continue performing abortions in Mississippi.”

The mental gymnastics the abortionist displays are so contradictory and dishonest that it reveals just how low the bar is for “medical professionals” to start their practice in America.

“Ending a pregnancy is not killing a child (or baby)… It does end a life, but does it end a person?” – Dr. Willie Parker in the conversation posted below:

His moral stance of the act hinges on whether he would be arrested or not.

Articulating twisted logic of this magnitude is old-hat for Parker; just read how he reconciles his profession with his “Christian” faith:

“I became morally convinced that is was not a conflict of my Christian values to provide abortion care, and in fact it became unethical to me not to do so.”

If Parker was honest, he would admit he is not beholden to the Christian faith.

When the state replaces God, the moral authority has indeed been established.

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