Two pro-Trump YouTube hosts, who had previously almost been locked in a university lecture hall by an alleged Antifa member, recently had eggs thrown at them by more purported members of the group.

The incident, which involves Operation Cold Front hosts Saleem Juma and Dion Thompson, comes amid numerous Antifa attacks making headlines. Juma and Thompson were previously almost chain-locked in a room by another alleged Antifa member when speaking at a College Republicans meeting.

In a YouTube video, alleged Antifa members are shown egging and throwing a drink at the two hosts, who were wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats while holding a “Free Hugs from a Trump Supporter” sign. A student, who was conversing with Juma and Thompson, was another victim of the Seattle, Wash. attack.

It was not clear what led up to to the moments caught on video, as the recording is edited. However, the clip clearly shows the men in “Make America Great Again” hats having objects thrown at them, seemingly without provocation.

Scrolling text in the video states that police were called but never showed up to the scene. The Seattle Police Department did not respond to Campus Reform‘s requests for comment when asked to confirm whether that is true.


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