Infowars covered the Mueller House Judiciary Committee hearing live on Wednesday.

This page contains the highlights from Alex Jones’ epic coverage.

Robert Mueller was caught in a lie when Congressman Andy Biggs pushed him for information he had already divulged in his report.

Congressman Jim Jordan questioned Mueller as to why the key witness, whose lie was used to open the investigation into Trump, was not charged after being caught lying during the investigation.

The same standard was not applied to anyone allied with Trump.

Congressman John Ratcliffe explained to Robert Mueller how volume 2 of the Mueller report was outside of the law and cannot be used to weigh against Trump’s innocence, only to prove his guilt.

Which it does not.

Congressman Louie Gohmert explicitly laid out the grounds for obstruction as used in the justice system, and Mueller’s own report disqualifies the charge of obstruction.

Congressman Mike Johnson pointed out Mueller’s own report where he deems impeachment inappropriate.

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