Video from over the weekend shows the moment a black man exited a vehicle to sucker punch a 12-year-old dancing to music on a street corner.

In footage of the incident, which happened in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on Friday, the boy can be seen performing dance moves alongside his buddies while music plays.

A vehicle suddenly pulls up and a black man exits the passenger’s side.

He advances towards the boy pretending to dance before he launches a sucker punch knocking the boy down.

TMZ reports the owner of a local dance studio, Michael Curry, was with the boy and others, who routinely dance on the street corner, when the random attack went down.

Curry tried to chase after the man, but it was too late as the attacker jumped in the vehicle and fled.

The boy, whose name is Ethan, AKA “Eman,” was taken to a hospital and treated for a concussion and a nose bleed.

Police reportedly have “information on the identity of the suspect,” according to WKRG.

“This is a cowardly and disgusting act of inexcusable violence on one of our public streets and the Cape Girardeau Police would like to ensure that this suspect is safely apprehended,” said Cape Girardeau Police Sgt. Joey Hann.

The unprovoked violence comes as radical leftists have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement, using it to fan the flames of a race war targeting white people.

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