Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk was “booed off campus” to chants of “America First” at the end of a “Prove Me Wrong” event on Thursday at the University of Houston.

“A defeated Charlie Kirk was seen avoiding eye contact with his head down as he scurried away from a booing crowd of American patriots who are tired of being falsely labeled ‘extreme’ for holding true to their Christian Conservative values,” The Red Elephants reported.



Someone managed to capture aerial footage of the event:

Memesters took Kirk to task:

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Kirk’s team’s secret weapon was to unveil a TV at the event to play a clip of Fuentes in 2015 when he was 17 years old saying Trump appeared to be an “opportunist.”

Unfortunately for Kirk, the move was marred by technical difficulties.

As The Red Elephants reported, Kirk fought against Trump in 2016 and throughout his campaign as these now-deleted tweets show:

You can watch the full event on YouTube below or watch it with Fuentes’ commentary on DLive.

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