Campus Reform reporter Eduardo Neret went to Georgetown University to find out what students think about the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Sadly, most interviewees sympathized with Soleimani and criticized President Trump.

The first individual in the video immediately played the race card, saying, “I think the United States has a history of violence against non-white people, and that violence has manifested in various ways.”

Continuing, the student said Soleimani’s death was “based on white supremacism.”

Next, a Shia Muslim student admitted the demise of the Iranian general “was devastating” to her and that her “family was devastated.”

“I went to my mosque that day for Friday prayer and they were mourning the death of him like as a martyr,” she confessed.

Her mosque is also teaching its congregants that Soleimani “stood up for the oppressed. The oppressed in this case were largely Shia Muslims.”

The third student interviewed was “shocked and then immediately disgusted that Trump had done that.”

One student did say, “He got what was coming to him because he was running terrorist operations in Iraq and cooperating with Shia militant groups.”

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