Footage shows police on horseback being heckled as they tell an elderly couple they’re not allowed to have chairs on the beach due to coronavirus lockdown policies.

The video, which was shot Sunday in Oxnard, California, shows police on horseback confronting the 93-year-old couple, who were sitting on folding chairs.

According to the Daily Wire, police claimed “that the folding chairs indicated the couple were creating a permanent place as opposed to the temporary nature of sitting on the sand itself.”

“But they’re old people, officer!” one man yells at the sheriff’s deputies.

Police, however, paid no mind to other people sprawled out on the beach, many of whom were sitting on beach towels.

The incident came as nearly 40,000 Californians visited the state’s beaches over the weekend, prompting Gov. Gavin Newsom to condemn the beachgoers Monday, saying, “This virus doesn’t take the weekends off, this virus doesn’t go home because it’s a beautiful, sunny day along our coast … We can’t see the images like we saw, particularly on Saturday in Newport Beach and elsewhere.”

Paul Joseph Watson joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the new norm of authoritarians forcing the cowering population out of public spaces amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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