Samy Kamkar, founder of the “Applied Hacking” YouTube channel, has proven time and time again just how vulnerable everyday common items can be.

In an effort to raise awareness and improve the security of such items, Kamkar has shown how to exploit everything from vehicles to motion-sensor doors.

Here are three videos showing everyday items being hacked in real-time:

Combo Breaker – motorized combo lock cracking device

Whether cracking its code in less than 8 attempts or using this electronic device, Kamkar reveals a large vulnerability that allows anyone to find a Master Lock’s combination in just a matter of moments.

OwnStar – hacking cars with OnStar to locate, unlock and remote start vehicles

By creating a device called “OwnStar,” Kamkar was able to locate, unlock and start any vehicle remotely that utilizes the OnStar phone app.

OpenSesame – hacking garages in seconds using a Mattel toy

After hacking into a 1990s texting toy from Mattel, Kamkar discovered how to reprogram the device to allow it to wirelessly open a wide array of garage doors in mere seconds.

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