The anti-gun left seems to think the way to protect kids is to hide guns from them and make it harder for their law abiding parents to get them (see California Can Now Officially Confiscate Your Guns, Even if No Law was Broken… and Of Course! Hillary Plants Young Boy to ask Anti-Gun Question…).

However as you’ll see in this video from Iowa, that actually leaves their kids more at risk. Watch this anti-Second-Amendment propaganda experiment go terribly wrong for the media in 10 seconds flat…

Lieutenant Aaron McClelland said it was typical behavior “for young kids. Curiosity. Everything is a toy in their world. Unless we educate them and let them know sometimes it’s not.”

Now in this entire 2:37 long report, only 10 seconds was dedicated to this very important footnote, and it is yet another reason as to why you should never trust the media to report on studies or experiments for you.

At the very end of the dramatic video 7-minute — after the image of kids holding the gun and the mom’s emotional reactions — the reporter shared a compelling caveat regarding the two children in the room who didn’t pick up the gun.

“Those two children are the ones who have guns in their homes and their parents have talked extensively about guns so therefore their curiosity is gone,” she said.

DING DING! How is that not the single major takeaway here? If the honest motivation here is to legitimately curb gun violence, how do you not note the one consistent variable that prevented gun violence among children?!

This video highlights everything that is wrong with the media, as it clearly shows us that there are two possible motives at play, which require two different methods of reporting.

  1. If the media’s goal is ONLY to gain ratings and scare people, the takeaway is simple: tell everyone that the kids should never be left with guns and OMG OMG SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!
  2. If the media’s goal is to prevent more gun deaths the takeaway is simple: educate the viewer on the the most likely action to be taken that could save a child’s life. That action? Teaching them proper gun safety.

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It’s funny, over a year ago on the show, I discussed this specific situation. There was a famous news report (I believe it was 60 minutes or 20/20) years ago that conducted just this type of experiment. They left kids alone with guns and showcased the horror. There was just one problem. It was clear that all of the parents were anti-gunners who’d never taught their kids about firearms.

Over a year ago on the podcast, I asked if anyone out there had the resources to conduct a similar experiment, instead providing a controlled study with children who’d been raised around firearms from a young age. I hypothesized the exact outcome that we see here.

Now, this still isn’t a controlled study, and only two children came from gun-owning homes. So a truly objective, gold-standard study should really be in order. Can someone out there do it? Please?

After all, if your goal is to save more lives from gun violence, why wouldn’t you?

Oooooh, that’s right…

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