She was having none of it…

When CNN’s Carol Costello invited Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson onto her show she probably didn’t expect to be confronted so boldly with CNN’s “lies” about Donald Trump, but almost from the first seconds of the interview sparks flew.

CNN’s Costello started the interview on a contentious note by pointing out that Trump was “only” at 27 percent in the latest GOP primary polls and asked Pierson why Trump isn’t breaking the 30 percent ceiling. Pierson wasn’t going along with that slam meekly, though, and pointed out that there are so many Republicans still in the field that it is hard to gain too much headway.

Then Pierson quickly went off on another point slamming CNN for its lack of facts.

“I would like to do a little fact check for CNN, considering the last report,” Pierson said combatively. “Donald Trump was beating Hillary Clinton in the last poll…so it’s really not fair for CNN to say Donald Trump was lying.”

But Costello fired right back saying that the Quinnipiac poll did put Clinton ahead of Trump. Still, Pierson wasn’t having it.

“Carol, that poll came out at 6 am, and you guys used footage from last night. That is not fair,” the Trump spokeswoman said.

Pierson may have been referring to a report by CNN senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny. According to IJReview, in an earlier CNN report, Zeleny played a clip of Trump saying that he was “destroying” Clinton in the head-to-head polls. Zeleny then noted that Hillary was actually ahead in the latest poll. However, Zeleny didn’t actually directly say that Trump was “lying.”

But Pierson was clearly relating that in previous polls Trump was seen beating Hillary.

That wasn’t the end of the battle over polling, though, as the CNN anchor needled Pierson over Trump’s “59 percent untrustworthy” rating. To that Pierson replied, “It’s not surprising, considering the media coverage.”

Costello went into comments made about Trump by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Costello played a clip of Giuliani saying that Trump speaks in “headlines” but then saying that “the headline turns out to be exaggerated.”

Costello then tried to link Giuliani’s comment to Trump’s perceived “untrustworthiness,” but Pierson again went off on her own direction ignoring Costello’s point by steering the conversation to Trump’s claim to have seen “thousands and thousands of people” cheering during the attacks of 911.

Many in the media have tried to knock down Trump’s claim of these celebrants but Pierson noted, “Donald Trump is saying what he remembers seeing, which now several other people on networks, including anchors, say they remember seeing.”

Pierson pointed out that many people have since come out to say they, too, say such reports–including Rudy Giuliani.

“All I’m saying is,” Pierson said, “don’t say it didn’t happen and then accuse Mr. Trump of lying about something that did happen, and then not go back and correct the record on what actually happened.”

Costello, though ended the interview reiterating that “thousands and thousands” of Muslims were not seen celebrating in the US when the Twin Towers fell.

However, as Breitbart News reported, there is a TV news report showing that Muslims in the U.S. did, indeed, celebrate in the streets when the Twin Towers fell.

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