Okay. Firstly, yes this is a real ad. No, it’s not from SNL or Comedy Central. At first, I thought that it was a joke. I mean, it had to be. Until I went to the Carafem website and saw that they were genuinely presenting an abortion procedure to be as relaxed as a day at the spa. Watch the video for context first.

See, this is how society circles the drain. I predicted this exactly 6 years ago. Liberals understand how to subvert culture. This commercial is so flippant, so coarse, that people may just be fooled into thinking that abortion is actually, completely normal. In one of my first videos ever, I addressed the abortion lobby’s “used car salesman” tactics. At the time, they seemed far-fetched.

Some conservatives were offended at that video 6 years ago. You should be. Because killing a baby and sucking it down a tube is offensive. But if you compare the two videos, mine, which was designed as over-the-top satire, is now actually quite tame compared to the real thing. Abortion clinics are now calling themselves “spas” and putting out comedy commercials. That’s how far we’ve come.

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