Mac Slavo
Jan 2, 2013

We’re not sure if the Hollywood actors depicted in the following anti-gun promotional video are hypocrites or just plain ignorant of the fact that they have played a large role in promoting violence with handguns, semi-automatic rifles and weapons of mass destruction, all the while making millions of dollars in the process.

Many have made their careers in movies that are so violent the body counts literally reach into the thousands.

First, take a look at the original promotional video (if you can stomach it) where actors like Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner demand a plan to stop gun violence.

Then, check out those same actors when that video has been creatively spliced with scenes from their very own movies, where they advocate mass killings and the use of all manner of weapons, including fully automatic assault rifles.

Their hypocrisy has no bounds:

Videos via The Daily Sheeple

To those Americans who believe in the responsible ownership of firearms for the purpose of self defense, hunting and the necessity of the right to bear arms for the security of a free State, this is the irrationality and failed logic we face as we enter anunprecedented Constitutional battle.

Many of these people calling for a plan to end gun violence seem to ignore the fact that they themselves are proponents of the very violence they are advocating the prevention of.

Just like the politicians who would strip us of our right to bear arms, many of these actors have armed bodyguards and demand armed security at events that they attend.

Since they’re putting together a plan, maybe the first step should be the banning of all movies promoting gun violence, the forfeiture of all future royalties of those movies, and a seizure, by way of 100% taxation, of all past income generated from such movies.

If we’re going to blame gun manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers and responsible gun owners for the violence, then shouldn’t we also blame Hollywood? If we’re going to be irrational about all of this, then we need to go full-out and just ban and seize everything!

How’s that for a plan?

Here’s another plan: Boycott Celebrities Who Want to Control Your Guns

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