Infowars is on the ground with protesters in Hong Kong fighting to maintain their sovereignty, as China attempts to impose a draconian extradition bill.

Infowars reporter Savannah Hernandez attends a student protest and interviews several demonstrators, who wear face masks to block facial recognition software which could single out political dissidents.

The protestors talk about their fears of mainland China and the many stories they’ve heard about the country kidnapping citizens. They also talk about their thoughts on the extradition bill and how it exposes China’s authoritarian plan to takeover their city.

“The bill is about how China is controlling Hong Kong,” one protester said. “And this is affecting our freedom, our justice, and also this is destroying our freedom and everything Hong Kong is protecting.”

Protesters also told Savanah they are distrustful of reports that the Hong Kong government has suspended the extradition bill.

“Actually, the government is still lying. They claim that the bill has been suspended, but actually we can still find the bill in the legal documents. So, we think that the government is actually not trustworthy, so we are still protesting.”

Check out exclusive photos from Thursday’s massive protest:

One protester held a sign with an illustration showing a woman with her eye dislodged from its socket, a homage to a police assault which injured another protester after being shot with a bean bag round at close range. The incident sparked the protest slogan “eye for an eye.”


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