Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was caught on camera for the umpteenth time getting way too close to a young child during an Oakland, California campaign stop on Tuesday.

President Trump doesn’t call him “Creepy Joe” for nothing!

New York Times reporter Katie Glueck tweeted the video out, apparently blind to the disturbing hair sniff, writing, “From earlier today: Biden greets a baby in Oakland.”

Joe’s frequent touching, flirting and sniffing of women, children and toddlers has been documented for years now.

Watch Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson break down the Creepy Joe phenomena in the exclusive report below:

Perhaps political comedian Steven Crowder was right when he joked about putting Biden on a leash to curb his sniffing urges.

A pro-Trump PAC also put out this scathing “Creepy Joe” ad in 2019 after Democrat operative Lucy Flores came out on CNN to describe a particular creepy encounter she experienced with Biden on the campaign trail.

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