Former GOP congressman Jack Kingston triggered CNN’s Jake Tapper Monday by pointing out Trump supporters are the only ones actually being violently attacked in the wake of the election. 

After David Gergen told Tapper that Donald Trump “needs to address” the fears of Soros-funded professional protesters whining about supposedly getting mean words hurled at them, Former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston responded by citing an endless series of attacks on Trump supporters — from the firebombing of the GOP headquarters in North Carolina to the recent beating of a “white Trump voter” by “African-American men” in Chicago.

Tapper got triggered by Kingston pointing out the race of the assailants:

Partial transcript via Mediaite:

Kingston: We know in Chicago, for example, that a white Trump voter was beat up by African American men.

Tapper: Why does it matter the race of the people that beat him up?

Kingston: Because that’s what the topic is here. Just to quote: “xenophobia, homophobia, racist, and sexist.” That’s what we talked about in the last hour.

Tapper: All you had to do was say “a Trump voter was beaten up.” I don’t know why you’d mention the race.

Kingston: Because I didn’t bring it up. You guys brought it up.

Tapper: This incident in Chicago?

Kingston: Yes.

Hey Jake, if race doesn’t matter why does CNN cite race every time a white person shoots a black person?

Why does CNN never do the same in reverse, even though whites are multiple times more likely to be shot by blacks than vice versa?

How about CNN issue an apology for helping foment the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement which resulted in the murder of over a dozen white people, including over five cops in Dallas?

Kudos to Former Congressman Jack Kingston for having the balls to speak the truth rather than falling all over himself to apologize for doing nothing wrong.

We’re witnessing an uncuckening like the world has never seen.

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