A supporter of Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx, whose office recently dropped all charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett, referred to the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police as the “Blue Klux Klan” in a Saturday afternoon press conference — a racial slur the top prosecutor would not refute when asked whether she concurred with the comparison.

Fox News correspondent Matt Finn reported the eye-opening comment was made by Black Lives Matter activist Jamal Greene ahead of Foxx’s remarks on the Smollett case at Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition office in Chicago.

As Kim Foxx made her way out of the press conference, Finn pressed the attorney repeatedly about whether she endorsed Greene’s remarks.

“Ms. Foxx, do you think the FOP is the blue klux klan? Do you think that every police officer is racist in this city?” You’re going to let somebody say that?” the reporter asked Foxx, who did not once acknowledge the question.

In her remarks before supporters and the media, Foxx openly wondered if her race had something to do with the harsh criticism she has faced since her office announced that charges against Smollett had been dropped.

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Chicago police as well as Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel have made clear their shock and disappointment that charges, for staging a hate crime hoax, against Jussie Smollett have been dropped. Alex points out this is a perfect example of corruption on the left.

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