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Alex Jones Show: Trump Wins 2020 Election in Electoral Landslide

Trump 313, Biden 227: All the major computer models and internal polling show Trump winning big, but the Deep State, Big Tech and others have another plan – Tune in LIVE!

Tune in as we reveal the current, non-biased projections for the 2020 election, and why it’s more critical than ever to say NO to voter fraud using “mail-in” ballots:

Projections like these are worrying the Deep State, who want to throw the election in doubt because they know they can only win through fraud:

David Knight Show: Americans Are Sick of The COVID Lockdown

Share this censored broadcast to join Infowars in the fight for free speech

On this Tuesday transmission of The David Knight Show, your guest host Harrison Smith will go over Labor Day weekend’s top news stories and lay out what’s to come this week.


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