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Alex Jones Show – Julian Assange 2.0: Reporters Set to Break News of Obama Illegally Spying on Trump Arrested in Ohio

Reporters set to release film about the shadow network system still being used by the Deep State to control the government and propagandize the American people through major media

Infowars correspondents who was set to release an independent film on the “shadow network” used by the Deep State were just arrested in Ohio. Tune in below to find out more:

See the teaser for ShadowGate below:

The material presented in this documentary should concern people of all political affiliations.

Also watch as Austinites revolts against the Covid lockdown and tear down barricades to public parks.

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David Knight Show: Gates Monologuing Like A Super Villain – Again

Share this censored transmission before it’s too late!

On this Friday broadcast of The David Knight Show, viewers will receive updates on today’s latest news, such as Bill Gates’ new propaganda video, the emergence of a cashless society, Kamala Harris’ gun control agenda and much more.

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