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Alex Jones Show: Volcanoes Erupting Worldwide! Massive Earthquakes! Geopolitical Realignments!

Impeachment is going to the Senate and California school children are being taught to drink blood. This is some ‘end of the world’ hysterics! Tune in!

Record numbers of volcanoes and earthquakes are erupting around the planet as children in California are being taught “vampirism.” What’s going on? Tune in and find out! Share this link!

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David Knight Show: Iran And The Shooting Of Flight 655

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On this Monday transmission of The David Knight Show, viewers will learn how last week’s airplane crash in Iran compares to a 1988 incident where the U.S. Navy shot down an Iranian passenger aircraft, killing 290 people.

Also, find out the truth behind the Australian “climate fires,” and see what the head scientists at WHO admitted about vaccine safety.

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