A FISA memo is said to contain bombshell evidence of top Obama DOJ and FBI officials abusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to illegally spy on the Trump campaign! Of course, it’s being completely ignored by Fake News CNN. And Republicans scramble to pass a funding bill to keep the government operational before a Friday shutdown deadline. On today’s show The Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, joins the show to discuss a disturbing website selling fake penises for little girls. Economist Peter Schiff also breaks down the roaring Trump financial recovery and cryptocurrency boom.

The House passed a bill that would fund the government for another couple of weeks, but Senate Democrats are hellbent on stopping the measure. The California AG has announced the state will arrest employers who assist the federal government in finding illegal aliens. Justice Department and FBI officials involved in the Trump campaign investigation are under fire after members of the House saw a secret memo being labeled “worse than Watergate.”

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