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Alex Jones Show: German Gov’t Confirms Covid-19 a Planned Hoax / Deep State Launches Civil War

Plus exclusive George Floyd white powder & Antifa caught staging riots, burning homeless camps

Tune in for EXCLUSIVE footage involving the George Floyd arrest AND EXCLUSIVE footage from the nationwide riots showing rioters trying to break into a gun store:

Also watch THIS:

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David Knight Show: Race Pimps, Militarized Police, & Provocateurs With Their Knee On America’s Neck

This situation is being manipulated by the global establishment

On this Monday edition of The David Knight Show, we will examine how the establishment is using the chaos erupting throughout the country to regain the power they’ve lost during the last few years.

With “protests” turning into massive riots in nearly every major city and allegedly set to “come to the suburbs,” how long will it be until America is under Martial Law?

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