On today’s War Room, Owen Shroyer breaks down the brewing civil war between the globalist anti-American forces and President Trump and the nation concerned citizens who don’t want to see America descend into a full-blown race war.

Emergency Broadcast: Tune in to Learn How The Deep State is Planning to Contest The Election & Trigger a Civil War

But Alex Jones reveals how we can stop a civil war – watch live!

You’re in the fight to preserve the freedoms of the United States. Here’s how you can play a part to preserve America:

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Watch Live: Technocracy! Now Eric Schmidt’s Google, Becomes COVID Expert

Share this censored transmission before it’s too late!

On today’s Wednesday edition of The David Knight Show, viewers will learn the truth about last night’s Kenosha, Wisconsin riot shootings and how mainstream media is twisting the narrative.

Also, Knight will discuss Idaho’s COVID lockdown resistance, the singer Van Morrison’s fight for freedom and much more.



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