Special Counsel Robert Mueller targets Gen. Michael Flynn after he himself shielded Turkey’s Fethullah Gulen from prosecution. We’ll discuss Mueller’s conflict of interest and retaliation against Flynn with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. And producer Gabe Hoffman discusses his re-release of “An Open Secret,” a documentary film exposing Hollywood pedophilia. Dilbert creator and trained hypnotist Scott Adams also discusses Trump’s persuasive techniques and the cognitive dissonance in the Democratic party following Hillary’s defeat. And The Rebel’s Tommy Robinson breaks down the growing threat of an Islamic invasion of the West.

As Thanksgiving approaches, many Americans will have to face the current divisiveness in the country when politics are brought up amongst family members that hold a diverse range of opinions. Sexual harassment allegations continue to flood Hollywood and Washington D.C. and a radioactive cloud that some are blaming on Russia is hovering over Europe.

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