On Monday, 11 November it will be possible to witness a rare astronomical phenomenon – on this day, Mercury is set to make a transit across the sun.

Live feed of the planet Mercury making a rare transit across the surface of the sun on Monday, November 11, from various positions across the globe including the Teide and Roque de los Muchachos Observatories in Spain.

Mercury will cross in front of the sun on 11 November, but don’t expect any barnyard animals to worry about the sky falling: the planet is 190 times smaller than the visible size of the Sun. The passage will last for seven hours. But try not to look at it.

According to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), however, looking at the celestial event with a telescope is an incredibly foolish thing to do and could result in blindness.

NASA adds that Mercury transits occur only 13 times every century; the next passage of Mercury across the Sun will happen in 2032.

The only places on the planet where this astronomical phenomenon can’t be ‘seen’ are Australia and most parts of Asia and Alaska.

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