A news host who tried out an anti-manspreading chair appeared to be in physical pain and joked, “I didn’t want any more children anyway.”

As we highlighted last week, a British woman was given an award for designing a chair that prevents “manspreading” by forcing men to sit as if they don’t have any balls.

23-year-old Laila Laurel also designed a chair for women that encouraged them to engage in the very same behavior she complains about the men doing.

During an interview with Sky News, Laurel said that manspreading was a “microaggression” against women and can “turn into something that’s far more aggressive.”

As soon as he tried out the chair, the host was visibly uncomfortable and commented, “my voice nearly raised by about an octave there.”

He subsequently joked that the camera should cut away so he could adjust himself before joking, “I didn’t want any more children anyway.”

Neither of the journalists who questioned Laurel pointed out the obvious – that men have to sit with their legs apart because they have testicles and that women are far more often guilty of ‘bagspreading’ on public transport.

Despite Laurel claiming that the majority of the feedback had been positive, Twitter users weren’t too complimentary.

“Why are you giving this sexist shite airtime?” asked Peter Lloyd.

“I’m afraid there’s no such thing as ‘manspreading’. If men do spread it’s usually because they have scrotums. But women do it too. Laila Laurel is a nasty little #misandrist. Sky should not be encouraging this sort of brattish behaviour,” remarked another user.

“A wholly uncomfortable anti-male chair that nobody will sit on and nobody will buy. “On the whole it’s been a really positive experience,” really,” quipped Chris Parker.


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