BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – “No show Hillary Clinton, that’s what we call her around here. She didn’t even call it in,” said U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness, discussing the recent flood response in Louisiana in America’s south-east.

The “storm with no name” or the “hurricane with no wind” struck Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas in the middle of August, leaving 13 dead, and thousands without homes or possessions.

Over 7 trillion gallons of water fell on the state over just a few days, with more water in two days than some U.S. cities have seen in nearly six years. The amount is believed to be around three times what Hurricane Katrina delivered in 2005.

Breitbart News visited the affected communities, inspecting damaged houses and possessions, and speaking to those who had come from all around the country to help the relief effort.

Most noteworthy, when travelling through affected areas like Walker, was the putrid smell created by a mix of sewage, rain water, drywall, and dust. While what we saw looked like a scene from a disaster movie, the smell resembled nothing we had ever experienced in a first world country. In amongst all of that, residents and helpers continued to work to remove damaged items, strip out homes, and plan to rebuild their lives from the ground up.

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