An off-duty female police officer in Brazil was caught on camera shooting and killing a would-be robber.

The officer, who had been attending a Mother’s Day celebration with her daughter, stopped the armed man shortly after he pulled a firearm on a group of women and children.

The attempted robber, who was in possession of a .38 caliber revolver during the incident, was shot at three times at point-blank range.

Brazilian news sites report the 21-year-old suspect died of his injuries shortly after.

An officer stopping a violent crime in real-time is a rare site for the South American country, which holds both some of the most dangerous cities in the world and incredibly strict guns laws.

Had the officer not been present, the law-abiding and unarmed citizenry at the scene would have undoubtedly been victimized like the countless others in the country unable to defend themselves.

Since being posted on Twitter, the video has received more than 3 million views.

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