Angry Baltimore residents challenged Al Sharpton in the street after he arrived at a local church to preach “Jesus and liberation.”

Local activist, Duane G. Davis, posted a video of the confrontation to his Facebook page, in which he and a group of men ambush Sharpton as he exits a dark SUV in the company of his bodyguard, and proceed to berate the ‘Reverend’ for his exploitation of racial issues, and neglect of perceived struggles within the black community.

“He ain’t welcome here – he don’t belong around here,” said Davis, as he waited for Sharpton to arrive. “They come to exploit tragedies and collect money. How much money he going to get paid to speak here?”

“We got issues here that he need to be addressing – or really not addressing, because he don’t belong around here.”

Davis and his comrades were prepared for a showdown, rejecting requests to clear a pathway for Sharpton, and immediately getting in his face with cell phones and pointed questions.

“What’s your mission here today, Rev?” asked Davis.

After Sharpton responded that he was there to preach about “Jesus,” Davis countered that he believed Sharpton was there to preach about “money,” and began repeatedly asking, “How much money you gettin’ paid to preach today, Al?”

Sharpton attempted employee thug tactics in the presence of his security detail, jabbing one of the men in the chest, before their outraged reactions repelled him.

Their tirade focused on issues of “mass incarceration” and “police brutality,” of which they felt Sharpton and fellow “elders” in the black advocacy hustle were doing very little to rectify, despite collecting fat paychecks for decades.

The group expressed anger that Sharpton had once been friendly with Donald Trump, citing a photo in circulation from a boxing match, which was promoted by mutual friend and Trump supporter, Don King.

When pressed about his involvement in the Freddie Gray case, Sharpton replied, “What’re you talking ’bout? I didn’t deal with that.”

“Exactly, that’s the problem, Al,” yelled one of the men. “I’m done with you. I don’t have no respect for you anymore.”

Sharpton recently declared that Donald Trump’s election was “not legitimate” in an interview with MSNBC.

Estimates put Sharpton’s net worth at $5 million, despite a 2014 New York Times report that he owed roughly $4.5 million in back taxes.

Facebook: Dan Lyman

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