Sports commentators Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless revealed their skepticism of flu shots during a segment of Fox Sports’ “Undisputed.”

Shannon Sharpe compared the Arizona Cardinals football team’s chances of winning a game this year to the chances of him getting the flu shot at CVS.

“I was at CVS, they said ‘you want a flu shot?’ I said ‘uh-uh. I ain’t got no shot,’ that’s the only shot they got, flu shots,” he said.

“I got one flu shot in my life and immediately got sick,” replied Skip Bayless, with Sharpe helping finish the sentence, “got sick, exactly!”

Co-host Jenny Taft also chimed in, adding, “I haven’t gotten one in a while either.”

For years, Infowars has been on the front lines of warning Americans against the dangers of flu shots.

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