Democrat senators were taken behind the woodshed and thrashed without remorse by expert litigator, Ted Cruz, at Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

After Democrats attempted to smear and degrade Sessions’ character with their worn out, baseless accusations of racism and xenophobia, debate champion Cruz stepped up to the plate to remind the world of some of the most egregious Constitutional and ethical violations the Obama administration has committed, with the full compliance of Senate Dems.

“You know, this has been an interesting day at this hearing, listening to Democratic senator after Democratic senator give speeches and praise of the rule of law… because for eight years, it’s been absent,” Cruz began. “For eight years, we’ve seen the Department of Justice consistently disregarding the rule of law.”

He then launched into a itemized short list of some of the worst trespasses perpetrated against the United States and its citizens by Obama and his gang of co-conspirators.

“When Eric Holder’s Department of Justice allowed illegally sold guns to Mexican gun traffickers, as part of Fast and Furious – guns that were later used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry – the Democratic members of this committee were silent.”

He noted that then-Attorney General Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with their investigation into Fast and Furious – which was supported by Senate Dems. As Obama’s attack dog, Holder was “the first sitting Cabinet official ever to face a contempt citation from Congress.”

Infowars broke the story that, as of March, 2016, Fast and Furious was an on-going operation that likely involved re-selling weapons to Middle East terrorists.

“When the IRS illegally targeted United States citizens for exercising their First Amendment views and First Amendment roles in the political process, Democratic members of this committee were silent.”

He explained further that the DOJ “refused to fairly investigate” the IRS’s political persecution of conservative organizations, by rejecting Cruz’s call for a special counsel and instead assigning the case to DOJ attorney, Barbara Bosserman, who was an active donor to Obama and the DNC. The DOJ would go on to close the investigation with no charges filed.

As Cruz moved on to the next transgression on his list, Operation Choke Point, he was interrupted by Marxist protestors in the audience yelling, “Jeff Sessions, you are a racist.”

The Washington Times reported, “Operation Choke Point began in 2013 as a Department of Justice program aimed at weeding out fraudulent businesses by cutting off their access to the banking system. But critics argued the program became a dragnet that ensnared legitimate businesses in what the administration deemed to be undesirable industries — like payday lending and gun dealerships — to put them out of business.”

“When the Obama Justice Department sent millions of dollars of taxpayer monies to sanctuary cities that were defying federal immigration law, the Democrats on this committee were silent.”

Mayors of many of these sanctuary cities (all Democrats), including Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago, have threatened to battle the Trump administration to continue their wholly illegal practices, and California has hired former AG Holder to wage that war on behalf of that entire state – a hire that may very well be illegal itself.

A map of sanctuary cities, counties, and states can be found HERE.

“When the Obama administration refused to enforce federal immigration laws, and unilaterally rewrote those laws, the Democrats on this committee were silent.”

“When the Obama administration released tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens, including rapists and murderers, into the general population, Democrats on this committee were silent.”

Immigration Customs and Enforcement released 19,273 criminal illegal aliens back onto the streets of the United States in 2015 alone, according to government figures. 208 had been convicted of murder, over 900 had committed sexual offenses, and over 12,000 had been convicted of drunk driving.

The Department of Homeland Security admitted that, by the end of 2015, at least 180,000 illegal aliens who had been convicted of crimes were still at large in the United States, thanks to the Obama administration.

“When the Department of Justice signed off on the Obama administration paying a nearly two billion dollar ransom to Iran – contrary to federal law, the Democrats on this committee were silent.”

This $1.7 billion payoff was delivered completely in physical cash, flown in by cargo plane, to circumvent international sanctions and Congressional procedure.

The entirety of Cruz’s 12 minute speech can be seen below.

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