Who wants to work in 250-degree heat or scuttle into the center of a nuclear disaster to measure radiation levels?

These fools do!

They are robots from Siemens built like spiders, with a hive mind and 3D printers, so when they land on the moon they can, you know, build a city there, splitting up the jobs by talking to each other. (Fire your contractor, get that kitchen teardown done.) Or deploy across a nuclear blizzard and report back on the gamma rays.

The company wanted its Siemens Spiders – SiSpis for short – to be able to crawl over structures as they build them. “Does it need to have legs? Does it need to have arms?” Technology Engineer Sinan Bank recalls asking himself. What should it look like?

Duh, a spider. Even without Peter Parker’s crazy powers, the original model made by nature is pretty handy. Move up, down, sideways, backwards. Frighten grownups.

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