Toronto, Canada Mayor John Tory, defended receiving a lap dance from a drag queen at a public book store with children in attendance on Mother’s Day.

“I was supporting the LGBTQ community by being at an event that was held at Church St. that many families were present at, mother’s and children,” the mayor said when questioned about the “Mother’s Day Drag Brunch.”

In footage from the event, Tory can be seen placing cash into the thong of a man dressed in drag and patting the dancer on the back as he squatted on the mayor’s crotch.

Watch the original drag queen lap dance video below:

Tory posted photos from the event on his Twitter page, saying he “had a great time.”

When Rebel Media’s Keean Bexte confronted Tory about the incident and asked about the fact “kids were there,” Tory said, “That’s the decision of their own parents.”

Mayor Tory then chastized Bexte for “dividing the city” and pledged to continue attending events that “support the LGBTQ community.”

The book store that held the event also holds Drag Kids Brunch events as seen in the store’s Facebook posts below:

Conservative commentator Faith Goldy, who ran against Tory in Toronto’s 2018 mayoral race, shared her opinion on the controversy with Big League Politics:

“I spent my Mother’s Day with my family. Toronto’s Mayor John Tory spent his shoving The Peoples’ petty cash down g-strings donned by transvestites. I don’t know what’s more disturbing: The fact that John Tory elected to spend a day devoted to women instead of with men dressed like women, or how obviously comfortable the 64-year-old grandfather was during the lap dance he received from a ‘tucked’ man in drag – on camera. Imagine if an elected official was caught shoving bills into the undergarments of female entertainers. Folks would freak out.”

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