Conservatives trying to speak on college campuses are like feminists trying to fit into spandex. It doesn’t happen without resistance. SJW “protests” are always entertaining. Except when it escalates to silencing and threatening those they disagree with. Which is what happened when Christina Hoff Sommers, a conservative philosopher against feminism, tried to speak at Lewis and Clark Law school.

“Tried” is the keyword.

She should be on the front page of “Basic Feminist Bee,” vogue addition. Those 70s styled glasses and “Stay woke” jacket legitimize the confusion and self-loathing feminists feel on the daily. #Represent

How cute. They wrote their own version of Kumbaya. Now they just need a campfire, consisting of a car they torched.

“You’re embarrassing our law school and our student body!”

Nay, it’s the protestors who are the embarrassment. They don’t know the basic premises of the Constitution. Namely, the Second Amendment. What a sorry institution of law “education.”

Hoorah. Another verse.


Crying baby

For peoples who don’t know Christina Sommers, she’s a lovely woman with a lot to say about how feminism is toxic to women. The professed feminists didn’t celebrate that a woman was being featured on campus. They didn’t see the majority of the room filled with fellow ladies. They muted a woman sharing her views and her successful career. Amongst a largely male profession: philosophy. Nice going, feminism.

According to these protesting SJWs, tolerance’s definition is writing songs in the key of Febe Buffay. Equality’s definition is the intimidating diversity of thought with butch lesbians in black jackets with rap music. Lovely.

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