Infowars reporter Kaitlin Bennett and her bodyguards were attacked by a violent mob of far-left college students while filming a report on the University of Central Florida campus.

Following the incident, Kaitlin Bennett began trending on Twitter, reaching #9 at the time of writing this article.

The head of Bennett’s security team even talked with campus police one day before she arrived on campus to inform them of her presence and to let them know the students would likely become violent after spotting her.

Apparently the warning was futile as Bennett and her security team were all vulnerable to attacks from the angry group.

The mob followed Bennett and her security detail as they attempted to leave campus.

The crowd shouted, “Go home transphobe” outside a building Bennett and her crew were in.

This type of incident is exactly why Kaitlin HAS to pay bodyguards to accompany her when trying to do her job.

Check out Bennett’s latest reports “BLM Runs To The Cops,” and “The Silent Majority No More” below:

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