A video uploaded to Twitter shows a Black Lives Matter protester arguing with Dr. Stella Immanuel during Tuesday’s White Coat Conference in Washington D.C.

Dr. Immanuel went viral online after a video of Monday’s White Coat Conference was tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. and the president himself.

In response, Twitter suspended Don Jr.’s account and deleted President Trump’s tweet, bringing even more attention to the viral video.

Stella’s personal Facebook page was also shut down after her speech was censored.

Now, unhinged liberal protesters are confronting Dr. Immanuel on the steps of the Supreme Court.

“You’re betraying Black Lives Matter,” a white man screamed at the doctor.

“I’m black,” she responded, adding, “You’re white!”

“You’re not black on the inside! I’m more black than you on the inside,” the man yelled. “There were people in the times of slavery who enabled the slavers. You’re on the wrong side, I promise you.”

In another video from Tuesday’s conference, a female protester asks for doctors to show their credentials after she failed to correctly pronounce hydroxychloroquine.

As the social media giants work overtime to try and remove every upload of Dr. Immanuel’s testimony from Monday, Banned.video has preserved the bombshell footage for your viewing pleasure.

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