A young girl thanked her mother for giving birth to her, despite abortion being offered as an option after doctors warned she’d be born without an arm.

The 17-year-old girl, who goes by the handle @MarinCarter, explained in a viral Tik Tok video that she was asked as a Trump supporter about her views on abortion.

Marin explains doctors advised her mother while she was four months pregnant that Marin would be born without an arm, and at that point gave her the option to have an abortion, which Marin is thankful she refused.


my thoughts on Abortion.

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“If you didn’t know, I was born missing my hand, and when my mom first found out about it she was about four months pregnant with me and the doctor immediately said that abortion was an option,” Marin states.

“And I want you all to know that, I know this isn’t all cases, but some people consider it. I’ve been on this Earth for about 17 years and maybe it takes me a little bit more time, or maybe I need help doing some things, but that’s not the case.

“I enjoy everyday that I’m alive and sometimes, yeah, I get caught up in the emotions, but I’m happy to be alive and I’m glad that I was born this way. I’m glad that God made me this way. It gives me challenges. It gives me things that I have to face, but every day is a gift from God. And it just pains me that some people will take that away from their children and take their children’s lives. So I just thought I’d say… ‘Trump 2020.'”

The pro-life message is refreshing, especially as more Tik Tok videos continue to highlight young people celebrating and glorifying abortion.

Last month, the Chinese-owned Tik Tok platform moved to ban pro-life group Live Action for violating community guidelines over an anti-abortion video, but later reinstated the group following major backlash.

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Leftists are praising a doctor who made a Tik Tok dance video encouraging children as young as 12 to see their doctor about abortion and sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ knowledge.

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