Silicon Valley Is China's Trojan Horse
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Published on Dec 10, 2018
Since the globalists are in league with China and the hysteria surrounding Russian hacking is so vitally important to our national security that impeaching our President has become a liberal battle cry. Where is the outrage for the scores of American globalists siding with China? Who have made Russian hacking look like child's play? The Wall Street Journal reported that "Federal prosecutors will bring criminal charges against hackers linked to the Chinese government who have allegedly engaged in a sophisticated multiyear scheme to break into U.S. technology service providers in order to compromise the network of their clients." China is demanding that arrested Huawei CFO Mang Wanzhou be released immediately as Bloomberg reported "China’s Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng has summoned the U.S. Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, in a protest over the arrest of Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, and said it will take “further action” if needed.
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